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Batelco aired two trailers for the video in movie theaters and online in September 2010. To spread the video even further, Batelco’s app included a prompt for users to activate their webcams and take pictures of themselves reacting to the video. The picture was then posted on Facebook (with the user’s permission).

Our case now finished, our video takes a dark turn to quickly show the black variants and mention the “brilliant, diamond like carbon layer.” Running with the knowledge that Apple tends to be very precise with their language, the implication is that the process they are using is a Tungsten DLC coating produced in a vapor deposition process. This is a very tough, very thin layer of tungsten that is bonded to the surface of the part in a vacuum chamber, and is the standard blackening process for the vast majority of high end watches, knives and some mill cutting tools. TDLC has a reputation for being extraordinarily durable, though it has been somewhat surpassed by other, more involved treatments at this stage..

Produciendo con una intensidad y generalidad sin parangón en la historia. Del campo a la ciudad, de las regiones pobres de un país a sus capitales, del sur al norte y del este hacia el oeste. Su efecto está siendo extraordinario sobre la economía y la sociedad de todas las zonas afectadas, emisoras y receptoras..

Es la primera reacción oficial de Rusia a la iniciativa más contundente de Trump contra el Gobierno de Putin en sus catorce meses de mandato. Una decisión que culmina una escalada que inició la Casa Blanca poco antes, también con unas primeras sanciones al Kremlin por su interferencia en la elección presidencial. Eso sin contar con la continua aprobación de castigos económicos a Moscú por su acoso a Ucrania, que Trump heredó de Obama..

28 would show the first quarterly decline in the company’s history largely because of ”lower than anticipated shoe sales,” Gary Kurtz, Nike’s treasurer, said. The surprise statement, which prompted Nike’s over the counter per share bid to drop to $16 a share from $23 a share in one week, followed a second quarter in which earnings were flat despite a 30 percent increase in revenue. (Nike shares were bid at 16 1/4 Wednesday.) Overseas Performance Uneven.

Beckham drew even more attention to himself and Nike with the shoes he wore before every game last year, customized by sneaker designer Troy Cole. One week, Beckham had Burberry Nikes; another week, it was a “Back to the Future” tribute. Every design seemingly spread like wildfire on social media before games..

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